Enjoy a fun beach read and support JDRF

kathleen reid

Richmonder Kathleen Reid, a long-time JDRF supporter, has written her first romantic comedy. Boston Found is an entertaining beach read that also sends a positive message of hope about type 1 diabetes. Inspired by her good friend, Eva Clarke, a community leader for type 1 diabetes, Kathleen will donate a portion of the book’s proceeds to JDRF.* Kathleen says she is “continually awed by the grace“ with which Eva manages her disease and its effect on her life.


Boston FoundDiagnosed at 40 with type 1 diabetes, Eva uses proactivity and hope to help her survive and thrive. Dismayed by the negative news surrounding type 1 diabetes, she started a scrapbook containing positive, inspirational news about type 1 diabetics who have flourished. Success stories on actress Halle Berry, singer Nick Jonas and Olympian Gary Hall give her an optimistic message when she needs it. 


Eva also started the “DRIVE OUT DIABETES” license plate program available to Virginia motorists and initiated the annual JDRF Gala held at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond. Each of these efforts promotes finding a cure for the disease as well as funding vital research. 


Visit Kathleen Reid’s website to learn more about Boston Found, which revolves around Diana Hamilton, a successful, self-absorbed architect (picture “Park Avenue Princess”) and her life-changing experiences involving her two best friends, a smart (and attractive) boss and his recently diagnosed type 1 daughter. We’re not giving anything away by revealing that Diana gives the child a scrapbook of hope-filled stories and information to help her cope with her disease. Needless to say, Kathleen cites Eva as her inspiration for using the scrapbook to impart hope about the disease among the book’s readers.


It’s an engaging and compelling story that will resonate with all those familiar with the myriad of ways type 1 diabetes can touch and change lives. And don’t forget to check out the book trailer, which was created and produced by local Richmond teens from St. Catherine’s School and stars Eva’s daughter, Izabela Clarke!


Those who curl up with this charming eBook can know that they’ve also supported a worthy cause!


*NOTE: JDRF does not endorse this product.


To read this book on an Apple device, you can easily download a free Kindle application depending on your reading device (Mac computer, IPad, IPhone).

–Cynthia Proctor